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About the NCI Blog

Welcome to “The NCI Blog”- a place where we will share the successes, challenges, and other issues related to the National Core Indicators (NCI). We hope that you the State officials, surveyors/interviewers, self-advocates, family members, and other interested stakeholders will join this discussion by sharing your own NCI experiences. There are no restrictions on content, as long as it’s related to NCI, the language is appropriate (i.e., no cursing), and that absolutely no confidential information is entered. This blog is open to the public, so if any comments include confidential information, they will not be approved and therefore not published. That being said, here are some examples of what blog topics might be about:

Adult Consumer Survey- Issues ranging from drawing the sample to collecting background information to interviewing people with challenging behavior and everything in-between.

Family Surveys- Issues with the return rate; confidentiality questions; drawing samples

Provider Surveys- difficulities in collecting ‘clean’ staff stability data

System Data- how to standardize this data; trouble in getting accurate information

ODESA (Online Data Entry Survey Application)- explaining specific logic checks; technical updates

Reports- suggestions on how to change/add to NCI annual reports; how your State uses and presents NCI data

About NCI- any other NCI-related topic areas

As always, you can contact me ‘in person’ at Happy blogging!

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