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Archive: February 2012 (X)

  • Eureka!  After almost a year and half of blood, sweat, and tears (the blood and sweat metaphorically), the new and improved NCI website is up and running.  HSRI and NASDDDS staff had meetings, discussions, ideas, more meetings, changed ideas, met some more, reverted back to original ideas, and finally made decisions.  We also learned more technical geeky programming jargon than most of us ever wanted to.  A big "thank you" to our wonderful web developers Steady Vision who created what we think is an interesting, informative website. 

    So we hope you can take the new site out for a spin.  Create your own chart of NCI data filter by state, type of residence, year, and many others; take a look see at your state's public page to access their most recent state reports; and of course, check out the most recent NCI Blog post.