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  • Meeting People

    Apr 4th, 2012 by | No Comments Yet

    NASDDDS and HSRI staff spent some time this past winter travelling to and fro and visiting states that have recently joined NCI.  These visits included interviewer trainings, getting great advice from self-advocates, meeting hard-working state staff, and checking out some hidden jewels in some of this nation’s most interesting state capitals (including the state house in Richmond, taxi cab drivers in Columbia, and Clara’s Restaurant in Lansing).

    On the work-related front:

    -          In Connecticut, we heard from many self-advocates who had previous experience in administering the adult consumer survey back when the state was last in NCI in 2008.  They gave great advice to us and the other interviewers.  In particular, one young lady asked us all to place ourselves in the shoes of the person being interviewed- to think how it would feel for a stranger to come into your home or place of work and already know so much personal information about you.  Most of us would probably be nervous, so this young lady stressed how important it is for the interviewers to make the individual feel comfortable and to explain in clear detail what the survey is all about.

    -          On a lighter note, in South Carolina a couple of interviewers who had previous experience administering the consumer surveys told us some of their more hilarious experiences.  One woman described how she was conducting a survey on someone’s front porch and for whatever reason the chair she was sitting in starting to sink close to the ground.  This interviewer was unaware however and the only thing she noticed was it seemed like the individual across from her was rising and then levitating.  Another young woman told the story of showing up for a survey in a rural community and after ringing the house bell, the door opens and a rooster comes running out past her and into the yard.

    Who said that NCI can’t be entertaining.