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  • Hi everyone. My name is Dorothy and I am new to the HSRI NCI team. I am a research assistant, and I spend the majority of my time working with your data.

    I am dedicated to the idea that data and information can be used to influence positive change through public policy. I also believe that the dissemination of this information can aid in the policy process by raising public awareness and creating social movements. For that reason, when Josh approached me about contributing to the NCI blog and working on the (soon to be launched) NCI Facebook and Twitter accounts, I accepted with excitement.

    I see social media and networking as a forum for the free exchange of ideas and information. As a result, I hope you will participate in the process! I would love to share any ideas you have, achievements you have made either individually or as a state, or setbacks you have encountered while working on NCI, advocating for policy, or providing services to individuals with ID/DD.

    Here is what I envision:

    NCI Blog: The blog will be focused on NCI-related information and news. I see the blog as a place to share NCI-state successes, obstacles, questions, etc. In addition, I will post articles of interest and prompt discussion. Guest bloggers may make appearances.

    NCI Facebook Page and Twitter ( The Facebook page and forthcoming Twitter will feature relevant articles, images and information about upcoming events such as conferences, meetings or webinars. Please become a "fan" as soon as possible.

    I am looking forward to blogging, Facebooking and Tweeting. Please comment or email me ( with comments or suggestions.