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  • NCI is proud to announce a guest blogger for the NCI blog!

    This post was prepared by Beth Aura Miller and Jossie Torres from from CT DDS .

    Beth Aura Miller has been a Self Determination Director for the State of Connecticut, Department of Developmental Services for fourteen years. In this position Beth Aura has supported the CT DDS in promoting the Self Determination movement through policy change, statewide initiatives to promote self-direction and self-advocacy for all individuals with developmental disabilities. She works with Jossie Torres and nine other CT DDS Self Advocate Coordinators to assist people in having a voice in CT.

     Jossie Torres works for the CT Department of Developmental Services as a Self Advocate Coordinator – this is her 9th year! She is a mom of 3, two girls and one boy. She supports people in CT to Speak Up and Speak Out!

    This blog post can serve as a guide for individuals who are asked to be surveyed for the NCI Adult Consumer Survey.


    Calling All Voices – Survey is for EVERYONE

    We are very excited that the NCI 2014-15 Surveys are being done around the country and we want everyone to have a voice. Everyone should have the opportunity to be surveyed if THEY choose to be – even if they have difficulty communicating.

    If you are invited to be surveyed, say YES! It is your chance to tell people in your state and across the country what you think of the supports and services you are receiving.

    We know that sharing your thoughts, ideas, and opinions can be scary. Here are a few tips to make sure you are being heard and get your thoughts shared.

    Once you agree to be interviewed for the NCI survey, tell the interviewer what makes you feel comfortable. 


      1. Share what time and day works best for you

      1. Let them know where you feel best to have your meeting. Sometimes people like doing it in their home or meeting at the local coffee shop.

      1. Let the interviewer know if you need to see the questions in writing or in pictures. Not everyone reads so sometimes it is helpful if the interviewer brings pictures to help them explain the questions and help you give an answer you understand.

      1. Let the interviewer know if you want to have your family or friend with you when you are asked the questions. Remember the answers are to be YOUR answers NOT your family or friends. YOUR VOICE is what they want to hear!

      1. Let the interviewer know how you best share your thoughts or communicate with others prior to the actual interview

    During your NCI Survey meeting:


      1. Take a deep breath and be yourself. They are asking what you think about your life.

      1. Be honest. Tell the interviewer what you know and think

      1. Don’t answer a question if you feel uncomfortable.

      1. If you don’t understand a question, ask them to ask it in a different way.

      1. Remember there are no right answers so just answer the questions the best way you can.

      1. If you need to take a break, let the interviewer know. You need to feel comfortable

    The NCI Survey is just an opportunity for you to chat about your supports and services. Have fun and enjoy meeting a new person. Your voice makes a difference so Speak Up and Speak Out!