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  • On May 25, 2016 Valerie Bradley, President of HSRI, presented to a forum of Massachusetts parents and advocates. Val presented on national trends impacting support needs of families, reforms in family support and what NCI family survey data show about the circumstances of families receiving state services. 

    Val highlighted several trends in the DD field that have an impact on families. These trends include Supported Decision Making, the new HCBS rule, Olmstead and the ADA and Self-Directed Supports options. Val also highlighted the challenges faced by families with aging caregivers and the needs of families with transition-aged youth. 

    In her discussion of NCI data, Val discussed the demographics, personal characteristics of families who responded to the NCI family surveys (mail out). She also looked at rates of satisfaction with services and the perceived impact of services on the families' lives. 

    Take a look at the presentation here

  • With 'Supported Decision Making' (SDM), people with disabilities and others who may have previously been in guardianship can use a series of relationships, arrangements, and practices to assist in making and communicating autonomous decisions about his/her life.  SDM maintains the independence and decision-making capabilities of people with disabilities, is less intrusive than traditional guardianship and promotes self-advocacy. 

    Check out these videos of Amanda (SDM adopter) and Paige (SDM Advisory Council member). In these videos, they discuss their experiences with SDM. 



    To learn more about SDM:

    In 2015 Bizchut, The Israel Human Rights Center for People with Disabilities, with the support of OSF, produced 4 movie clips about Article 12  to talk about the complex issues of legal capacity and supported decision-making through personal stories that catch the interest of the viewer.  Please watch these powerful videos.

    Michael Bach: Looking Differently at Disability and Decision Making: