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  • The 2015-2016 Adult Consumer Survey Data indicate that 51% of participants in the Adult Consumer Survey had a partial or full guardian.

    Why does it matter?  People with guardians are not able to marry, enter into contracts, get a driver’s license, sign a lease, make purchases and exercise other choices without the approval of a guardian.  People who have guardians cannot participate fully in their own lives.

    Questions to ask: 

    • Are there alternatives to guardianship in your state?
    • Are families and individuals in your state familiar with supported decision-making?

    Want to know more?

    • Texas Guardianship law (2015) – requires exploration of alternatives to guardianship, supported decision-making and allows individuals to maintain ability to make personal decisions 
    • National Guardianship Association Revised Standards – Requires guardians to facilitate individual choices and preferences
    • American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities andThe Arc Joint Statement on Guardianship
    • Website: