The values remain the same.

As we move into the early days of 2018 one phrase keeps coming back to mind: “The only thing constant in life is change”.

The daily (or hourly) news brings an endless stream of information, and much of it is describing how things are changing from what they used to be. Whether you believe we are seeing change for the better or change for the worse, we can all agree we are in a time of change.

With all this talk of change, we also remember the values that are enduring. Looking back over the past 20 years of the NCI project has affirmed the consistency of those core values that were identified by the State partners who developed this project in the mid 1990s. Those were changing times as well.

These materials were put together to help demonstrate where we are – and to remind us of where we need to keep heading through good quality monitoring of supports and services. 

1) We created a video to describe the history of NCI and the impact it has made on the field. The video, starring NCI team members, NASDDDS staff, surveyors and people who have taken the survey, details the policy context in which NCI made its debut, and how the uniqueness of the tool has made it a integral part of states' quality management. Watch it here.

2) Valerie Bradley, President Emerita of HSRI and one of the founders of NCI, wrote a monograph to commemorate the 20th anniversary of NCI. The report details the history of NCI, how it's evolved over the years and how the data are being used. Take a look here

3) Val also presented at the NASDDDS conference in November, 2018. In the presentation, Val detailed the importance of NCI throughtout the past 20 years, and discussed how some of the data have changed. See the powerpoint here

What has NCI meant to you? Please let us know at dhiersteiner@hsri.org


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