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Category: Family Surveys (X)

  • HSRI and NASDDDS staff were in the beautiful state of Washington last week to observe Lisa Weber and the rest of the WA NCI team in action.  Part of the agenda included attending a DD Council focus group meeting.  This meeting was made up of self-advocates, family members of children with developmental disabilities, and DD Council staff, and was the second in a three-part series where NCI data was reviewed in order to make policy recommendations to the Divison of Developmental Disabilities (DDD).  The group reviewed 2008-09 Child Family Survey data which was organized where the WA data could be compared to the "NCI average", as well as compared to WA data from previous years. 

    Each of the self-advocates and family members contributed greatly during the meeting.  Some of the main topic areas discussed were: information regarding services and process, computer technology in service information and service use,  and community inclusion.

    In the upcoming weeks, the group will be finalizing their recommendations to the DDD.  We would like to thank the DD Council and the DDD for allowing us to be part of this meeting.  We were very honored to hear the shared stories and experiences of the group, and are very proud that NCI data is being used in order to create positive change.

    If you would like further information on this group and how Washington uses NCI data, please contact me at