• NCI’s 2017 Staff Stability Survey Report

    Feb 7th, 2019

    National Core Indicators' latest report on the DSP workforce is now available! DSPs play a crucial role in the system that supports community life for adults with IDD, and NCI’s 2017 Staff Stability Survey Report examines the DSP experience to help states address high turnover and vacancy rates.

  • NCI Data Highlight: Staff Turnover

    Feb 4th, 2019

    The 2017 NCI Staff Stability Survey Report indicated that, within participating staets, providers reported an average turnover rate of 43%. 

    Why does it matter? What questions can states ask themselves to address this issue? What resources exist.

    Check out the newest NCI Data Highlight on Staff Turnover here. 

  • NCI Data Highlight: Self Direction

    Jan 17th, 2019

    Check out this NCI Data Highlight on Self Direction. 

    In the 2016-2017 National Core Indicators™ Adult Consumer Survey (ACS), 11% of the respondents reported that they had chosen a self-directed supports option.  Among states participating in the 2016-17 ACS, the proportion of respondents using the self-directed option ranged from 0% to over 50%. 

    Why does this matter? What kinds of questions can we ask to learn more?

    NCI Data Highlight: Self Direction