National Core Indicators

NCI is a voluntary effort by public developmental disabilities agencies to measure and track their own performance.

The core indicators are standard measures used across states to assess the outcomes of services provided to individuals and families.  Indicators address key areas of concern including employment, rights, service planning, community inclusion, choice, and health and safety.

NCI is a collaboration of participating states, HSRI, and NASDDDS.

NCI Blog

Why Is The NCI Important?

by Dorothy Hiersteiner

Our friend and colleague Bill Allen in California put together this video on NCI. In this short video, self-advocates explain, in their own words, why NCI is important and why people should participate. Take a look and share it! 

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August - 2015
Presentations from the NCI Annual Meeting

The 2015 NCI Annual Meeting occurred on August 12, 2015 and was a resounding success. People came from across the country to sunny Costa Mesa, CA to discuss NCI, how it can be used for policy development and evaluation, how NCI is being used in current research, recent changes to the…